Our Land 

Samoa consists of ten islands, with the four main islands being Upolu, Savai'i, Manono and Apolima. The international airport and gateway to Samoa is located on Upolu, where the capital of Apia is also located. Explore Samoa in a rental or travel around as part of a tour; either way you will find Samoa a land that is intricately linked to its people through centuries-old customs and traditions. We welcome travellers who wish to experience the beauty and simplicity of an island that entranced and inspired the famous author and poet Robert Louis Stevenson, or Tusitala (Writer of tales or Storyteller) as he was lovingly called by the locals. Hidden within Samoa are pockets of history and legends waiting to be sought out. The main islands offer unforgettable tours for those interested in an authentic Samoan experience and daring travellers can anticipate memorable adventures in tropical rainforests, rugged mountains, pristine waterfalls, and white sand beaches.

Exploring the South Coast 

Samoa's most stylish boutique resorts are located along the southern coastline of Upolu.  Besides this being the location of some of the best stretches of white-sandy beaches in Samoa, the stunning profusion of colourful native flora lining the drive through the villages is breathtaking!  Waterfalls galore, several of which are visible from lookout points along the main road while many more can be discovered through trekking tours.  Located in the South Coast is the O Le Pupu-Pu'e National Park with its rugged coastline dotted with spectacular rock formations, and the Togitogiga Waterfalls further inland.

Savaii and the other islands

"You've not seen Samoa, until you've seen Savaii" - Travellers will often hear this comment when asking locals for an authentic Samoan experience and they are definitely not wrong. 

With its untouched landscapes, endless rainforests and turquoise waters, Savaii is a natural beauty that visitors often find to be a 'step back in time'.  Embedded within the heart of Polynesia, Samoa's biggest island offers a variety of activities.  For visitors after a wet and wild adventure, the Alofa'aga Blow Holes are a must see attraction.  On your way back to town, cool off in the Afu Aau Waterfalls and enjoy a packed lunch in natural surroundings.  For visitors who want to know more about the history and natural wonders on island, Savaii's historical Lava Tubes and magical Dwarf Caves offer a memorable experience. 

Last but definitely not least are the minor islands between Upolu and Savaii.  Manono and Apolima are accessible via chartered boat and they make up the last two out of four islands inhabited by locals in the Samoan archipelago.  Fishing charters and day tours are a great way to explore and visitors will enjoy the pace of life on these islands - a welcome refresher to the demanding schedules and fast paced lifestyles often found in town centres.